About Us

Sole Ministries a.k.a Acacia Worship Center was founded by Pastor Ron Cervantes in 2005 as a not for profit organization with the goal of serving God to help people come to know and have a lasting relationship with Jesus. We are a small congregation of less than 50 people and without a building of our own, we have been leasing space from local public schools to conduct our Bible study program and televised sermons each week. A year ago, the rent increased substantially causing us to leave and meet weekly in a member’s home instead. We have saved a good amount of money, but it’s not enough to do what God has been preparing us and finally revealing to us what He wants us to do… Build a school of our own and provide what the other schools are lacking, a Classical Christian Education!

SOLE Ministries (an acronym for Serving Our Lord Effectively) founded by Pastor Ron Cervantes, with our mission simply stated in our name, to serve our Lord effectively.  We are responsible for the productions of Acacia Worship Center (the Church), Cornerstone Christian Academy (the school), and Love Beyond Borders (the charity).

Acacia Worship Center, the church, was established in 2005 with the purpose to glorify God by creating an environment where people of all age groups and denominations can come together and discover or further an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus.  We are a passionate group of believers who are committed to an in-depth study of His Word, prayer, praise, fellowship, outreach, and service.

Cornerstone Christian Academy, the school, is our most recent project with a mission to provide a safe haven for children to receive a Classical Christian Education that is based on Biblical truth and leads to spiritual growth for a more Christ inspired life.

Love Beyond Borders, the charity, was established in 2003 with the purpose of meeting the needs of those less fortunate around the world. Currently, we are working to reduce the amount of suffering experienced on a daily basis by the impoverished people of Nepal.  100% of the proceeds from our Love Beyond Borders program goes to providing food, clothing, water, shelter, medical, dental and educational needs of men, women, and children of all religious affiliations, disabilities, race, color, ethnicity, sex and social status. By effectively utilizing the resources that have been entrusted to us and through Pastor Ron’s multiple mission trips to Nepal, we have been able to really make a difference in so many precious lives there.  We were able to provide immediate and life saving efforts during the tragic earthquake in 2015 and continued support to the many orphaned children that remain as a result.