Classical Christian Education

What is a Classical Christian Education? In one sentence, it is an approach to learning which emphasizes Biblical teachings and incorporates a teaching model known as the Trivium, consisting of three parts: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  In early child development, we focus on memorization and learning through play, which helps us to instill curiosity and a love for knowledge that will benefit the child throughout their life! We also have a unique 12 month curriculum for Pre-school children that has a special theme for each month and helps the children learn some very important Biblical character traits such as; kindness, orderliness, thankfulness, patience, forgiveness, and helpfulness (just to name a handful). For more information about our Pre-school program and curriculum, please visit our Pre-school page. We are very excited to offer a continuation of this program for our upcoming Kindergarten class coming soon in 2020!

Why is it so important to build a school at this time? We believe the best way to serve God, build His kingdom, and teach Biblical righteousness is by caring for the delicate lives of children! Our ministry has been teaching and making a difference in the lives of children and families for over 10 years and we know that they are under attack in the world. As parents in this current environment, we are all questioning the safety of our children, especially at school. This has led us to spend the past year developing Cornerstone Christian Academy, where it is our mission to provide a safe haven for children to receive a Classical Christian Education that is based on Biblical truth and leads to spiritual growth for a more Christ inspired life.

We have a vision…Cornerstone Christian Academy, enhancing the delicate lives of children with the Word of God! For more information about what we are building here in New Mexico and the Classical Christian philosophies behind it, please enjoy the following videos produced by the Association of Classical Christian Schools.