Our Faith

We believe . . .

There is only one true God, existing eternally in three persons,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The sixty-six books of the Bible, in their entirety, are inerrant, and were
inspired by God to serve as His written revelation to mankind and is the
primary and essential authority of life.

In Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who through His death burial and
resurrection brought redemption from sin and eternal life to all who
believe in Him.

In the power of the Holy Spirit to perform the miracle of new life in
unbelievers and to indwell children of God, enabling them to live Godly

Man was created in the image and likeness of God, and that from man God
created woman.

That only by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, through a one time
prayer of acknowledgement, repentance and acceptance, can a person truly
become a child of God.

That the true Church is made up of children of God, and that this body is
the bride of Christ who has been charged with spreading the Gospel of Jesus
Christ to the entire world.

That hell is a real place and those who do not receive Jesus as Savior and
Lord will be judged by Him, found guilty, and tossed into the lake of fire
to suffer for eternity along with Satan and all who follow him.

That in order for children of God to have a healthy, vibrant relationship
with Him, they must study the Bible, pray, attend church, fellowship, serve
others, and share the Gospel on a regular and continuous basis.

That Jesus Christ will return at a time of God’s own choosing to judge the
living and the dead, and to establish His Kingdom.

That the Bible clearly defines marriage as a sacred covenant between one
man and one woman.