At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we are excited to announce our launch of our Pre-school program starting April 1st, 2019!  What differentiates us from other early child development programs?  We are teaching the children the fundamentals of Christianity and applying Biblical principles that are applicable to their age and early stage of development.  For example, teaching respect, kindness, sharing, obedience, problem solving, and overcoming any behaviors that are not conducive to learning productively.  We work with the children to understand and show compassion, inspire creativity, and help them to start recognizing their individual God given talents.  We explore nature and animals and help them to develop knowledge and appreciation for music and art.  Most important, we introduce the children to God’s Word through a comprehensive and age appropriate study of the Bible.  When you are able to help a child learn and grow by applying Biblical principles to their life, you are setting them up for a lifetime of success with God as our almighty teacher and guide.  
For more information about our Pre-school program, please contact us at 505-554-0654.